Offset Printing vs Digital Printing: Which Method Is Right for You?

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Offset printing vs Digital printing

Ever wondered about the difference between offset and digital printing? If you’re looking to print marketing materials, business cards or stationery, it pays to understand the pros and cons of these two methods. 

Whether you need 10,000 brochures or 50 business cards, choosing the correct printing technique can have a big impact on your budget and timeline. Read on to become an expert in offset and digital so you can make the choice that suits you best. The right option is out there, you just have to go and print it.

Understanding Offset Printing in Singapore

Offset printing is a traditional method used for decades to produce high-quality prints. It involves transferring ink from a plate onto a rubber sheet, which then gets pressed onto the paper. This process allows for precise and consistent colour reproduction, making it ideal for large print runs. 

Understanding Digital Printing in Singapore

Unlike offset printing, digital printing does not require plates. Instead, it uses toner or inkjet technology to print directly onto the paper. This method is best for short runs and offers quicker turnaround times than offset printing. Often used for print-on-demand services, digital printing also allows for personalized and variable data printing. 

Comparative Analysis: Offset vs. Digital Printing

When Print Quality is Key

If image resolution and print quality are most important for your project, offset printing is likely your best choice. It can achieve a higher print quality, especially for photographs, logos and designs with fine details. The layering process allows for sharper prints with more vibrant colours.

Tight Colour Matching Required

Do your print materials need to match a particular shade or brand colour? Offset printing offers tighter control and consistency of colours. It can achieve precise colour matching and high colour fidelity, which is important for company branding. Digital presses have come a long way but still struggle to achieve the same level of consistent, accurate colour matching as offset.

Longer Print Runs

If you need to print more than a few hundred copies of an item, offset printing is typically more economical. The initial cost to create plates is high, but once the press is set up, each additional print is very inexpensive. This results in lower per-unit costs for larger quantities. As a rule of thumb, offset starts to become more affordable than digital for print runs over 500-1000 copies, depending on the project.

Variable data

Want to personalise each print piece with different names, addresses, or other customised information? Digital printing makes it easy to change details from one print to the next. Use a mail merge from a spreadsheet or database to include unique variable data on each sheet.

Quick turnaround

Have an important event coming up fast and need signage or flyer printing right away? Digital printing can produce your order in a day or two since there’s no time needed for plate making and setup. The digital file is sent straight to the press, and your prints are produced immediately.


If you need prints for a temporary promotion or event, digital is ideal. There’s no point in spending the extra time and money to set up plates for offset printing if the prints will only be used for a limited time. Digital prints can be produced on-demand and discarded when no longer needed.

If quality and volume are your priorities and budget isn’t a major concern, offset could be the way to go. But if speed, lower costs and flexibility matter more to your business, digital printing might make more sense for your business. 

Let Print Professionals Help You Decide on the Best Print Method

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Simply share with us the type of content you need to print, the estimated timeline you need them by and your budget and we will recommend the best method of print. Leave the technicalities to the professionals so you can focus on writing and marketing your publication. Get in touch with us at +65 6748 3898 or sales@oxfordgraphic.com.sg.

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